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Terence Dale Lace, Australia
Terence Dale Lace, Australia

Terence Dale Lace – sport writer, coach, referee and rugby player (read sport articles)

The author was born in Basutoland ( Lesotho) and spent his early years in Northern Rhodesia (Zambia) where, even at the age of six, he was a voracious reader of cricket writers.  His teenage years and high schooling were spent in Queensland, Australia where he played Rugby Union and Rugby League.

Terence Dale Lace, sport writer, in the BSAP

Terence Dale Lace, BSAP

Terence returned to Africa to join the BSA Police where he spent six years and eventually left Rhodesia to study English and Psychology at Rhodes University, Grahamstown.

Terence Dale Lace, rugby coach

Terence Dale Lace, rugby coach

He taught English and coached and refereed sport in Cape Town for fifteen years, during which time his wife died and he was left with two young sons, one of whom had been born with spina bifida. During this time he wrote a book loosely based on his wartime experiences in the BSAP and the birth of his disabled son.

After four years of teaching in England he returned to Montagu where he opened a restaurant.

On the death of his mother in 2007 he returned to Cape Town to look after his father. Terence re-married in 2010 and is now semi-retired. He lives with his wife, Sara, and son Tim, in Fish Hoek along with their two dogs, Jana and Waggly Dale Lace.  He is a keen follower of school rugby and cricket. Read more from Terence Dale Lace here…

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