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Cricket – George Headley – An Appreciation

Some of those who pride themselves on a knowledge of cricket and cricketers probably know less about George Headley than they should. From early in his career, Headley was known in his homeland of Jamaica as the Black Bradman. Born

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The Dumbing Down of Sport

Technology – Help or Hindrance? Mis-hits in cricket which carry for 6 and drives from moderate golfers exceeding 300 metres. Is this really what the modern spectator wants? There is no doubt that advances in sporting technology have appeared to

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Test Cricket’s Adelaide Magic

A Christmas present of a pitch for batsmen and the prospect of hard labour in the heat for bowlers, both fast and slow, is so often the situation in Adelaide for the December test and this one appeared no different.

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“Lest we forget the fallen soldiers of yesterday.” Kipling
Reconstrution of the Christmas Truce soccer match of 1914

Reconstrution of the Christmas Truce soccer match of 1914