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2015 World Cup Cricket Final – the Martin Crowe Factor

At 5.30am tomorrow, South African time, Australia and New Zealand meet in the final of the Cricket World Cup, for the first time. It is a dream final for the organizers, as these are the host countries. As always though,

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Intelligence in Sport, and the Lack of it – Part One, Cricket

World Cup Blunders In the writing, broadcasting and discussion of sport, we are assailed with opinions about the skill, power, speed, nerve and bravery of individual sportsmen and women. The importance of one factor is too often neglected. Intelligence, or

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The Collapse of West Indian Cricket

West Indian Cricket A casual examination of the South Africa v West Indies test series which ended today would reveal many of the flaws which have bedevilled West Indian cricket and marked its rapid decline this century. Poor administration, coaching,

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Australian Sport – Powder Puff Cricketers?

Sport Injury The first day of the second test Australia v India was the final push I needed to pen this article when four members of the Australian attack suffered from one injury or another. Aussie Cricketers My interest in

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Reconstrution of the Christmas Truce soccer match of 1914

Reconstrution of the Christmas Truce soccer match of 1914